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Group facilitation

We run 2 facilitation courses. GF ‘0.5’ A short six session course and the Inspirit ‘Extended’, an externally accredited 15 session course run over 12 weeks. 0.5 is designed to focus on four essential skills that will enable any group leader to get more out of their facilitation work and for people who want to increase their confidence in group-work situations.

The Extended 15 session version is for people with facilitation experience, who want to improve their ability to ensure a therapeutic outcome for their participants and to extend their range of skills and the language used to describe them. This is achieved by enabling participants to understand the underlying factors that contribute to group behaviours and to recognise and manage the impact this has on group process. This deeper understanding provides participants with much greater confidence when dealing with the kinds of challenging situations we often face in groups with service users in a range of situations. This course is externally accredited to both level 4 and level 3 which will enable all participants to achieve evidence of competence.

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