Bodymind-Rewind Women’s Project

Inspirit and Advance Minerva Women’s Project are running a set of workshops called “Bodymind-Rewind”. The project addresses the fact that women (and especially those in the criminal justice system) often experience a history of trauma alongside pressures and responsibilities from many different directions, e.g. family, partners, children, peers, society, to name a few. Women we have met in the criminal justice system often begin with all good intentions and do not fully understand how they find it difficult to maintain them.



These workshops:

1. Value women’s experience, intentions, emotions and intelligence;

2. Offer a set of theories and frameworks that enable women to understand their feelings and enable them to make different meanings of their experiences;

3. Develop the ability to more accurately self- reflect and confronts resistance to awareness and/or avoidant behaviour.

Bodymind- Rewind is 8 classes that teach a range of theories, from humanistic, psychodynamic to existential, that help explain how and why women struggle to look after their bodies, care for their own mental health and/or experience conflict when attempting pro-social behaviour.”