The Inspirit Diploma is a course that can lead to a Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care and takes place over 1 year.

Our focus on multiple disadvantage is unique.

It is aimed at all who are seriously interested in working in the social care sector. People who have completed this course have gained employment in substance misuse, harm reduction, domestic violence, mental health, prison environments, hostels and the homelessness sectors. The course is also ideal for those who are employed in the above sectors but want to improve their knowledge and skills and gain a nationally recognised qualification.

We have been delivering training since 2005 when the Health and Social care qualification was first launched. We take a unique approach to delivery, with an emphasis on experiential learning (learning through doing) and a focus on reflective practice and personal development. The quality of our training and the competence of trainees that have completed with us are highly regarded in the substance misuse and social care sector across London.

What we offer:

Clinical training in working with people with multiple disadvantage
An emphasis on individual learning styles with a focus on developing personally and professionally through reflective practice
A challenging and supportive learning environment
Support to find a work placement in a social care service in Greater London
High quality support and supervision with the additional benefit of personal tutors

Diploma in Health and Social Care

This is a nationally recognised vocational qualification and is the benchmark qualification throughout the social care field. It involves you being assessed in your work/voluntary placement against a selection of mandatory and optional standards. These can include Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) if you wish. Our Diploma providers will be available to support you until you complete.

Individuals completing the training receive:

A Diploma Level 3 qualification in Health & Social Care (subject to completion of required assignments and assessment)

Independent Motivational interviewing certificate. Our trainer is MINT qualified.

170 hours towards Continued Professional Development credits

Work references

Support with applications for employment, including information on current vacancies in many services across London.

We cannot, of course, guarantee that everybody will get a job at the end of the training but our recent statistics (2016) show that 8 out of 10 people who complete the training and everyone who completed the diploma is successfully employed or has progressed to post-graduate education.