Haringey Substance Misuse Group

We have been working with commissioners and service users in Haringey to help develop a sustainable borough-wide substance misuse user group that can support future commissioning and will enable Haringey services to evidence quality user involvement at a range of operational levels.

Work so far includes:

  • 2013 Service user involvement in commissioning services
  • 2016 Co-produced Peer evaluation of service delivery
  • 2017 Delivering a Borough-wide event for substance misuse service feedback
  • 2017 External accreditation for service users

Currently a small user led group are developing plans for working with commissioners, staff and service users to create a structure for improved co-production in substance misuse services across the borough

If you are a service user of Haringey drug or alcohol services and would like to get involved please call Alan Todd on 07476 877708