Inspirit currently help many organisations with the coproduction of services as well as delivering psychology and health informed programmes for clients.


NHSE Health in the Justice System Patient Participation Project, (PPP).

Inspirit were commissioned in 2014 to help NHS England, Health in the Justice System team to implement their framework for the patient and public voice. This is an ongoing project that began with baseline assessing how activities of patient participation were being managed across the secure estate in London, authoring a set of standards and helping healthcare providers to apply them through an improvement plan. A sub-group of experts by experience was set up and supported through supervision and training to take on the role of driving forward the plans and bringing the patients voice to strategic meetings and contract reviews. The remit of the project has been extended in 2018 to include setting up a steering group of patients, healthcare providers and HMPPS governors and leads to support the Smoke Free initiative that is being rolled out across the prisons.

Haringey co-production  

We have been working with commissioners and service users in Haringey to help develop a sustainable borough-wide substance misuse user group that can support future commissioning and will enable Haringey services to evidence quality user involvement at a range of operational levels.

Work so far includes:

  • 2013 Service user involvement in commissioning services
  • 2016 Co-produced Peer evaluation of service delivery
  • 2017 Delivering a Borough-wide event for substance misuse service feedback
  • 2017 External accreditation for service users

Currently a small user led group are developing plans for working with commissioners, staff and service users to create a structure for improved co-production in substance misuse services across the borough

.If you are a service user of Haringey drug or alcohol services and would like to get involved please call Alan Todd on 07476 877708

Advance – Minerva – “Bodymind-Rewind” 

“Inspirit are running a set of workshops called ‘Bodymind-Rewind’. The facilitators recognise that women (and especially those in the criminal justice system) often experience a history of trauma alongside pressures and responsibilities from many different directions, e.g. family, partners, children, peers, society, to name a few. Women we have met in the criminal justice system often begin with all good intentions and do not fully understand how they find it difficult to maintain them.

These workshops set out to

1. Value women’s experience, intentions, emotions and intelligence;

2. to offer a set of theories and frameworks that enable women to understand their Feelings and to enable them to make different Meaning of their experiences;

3. to develop the ability to more accurately self- reflect and Confront resistances to awareness or avoidant behaviour.

This is done through 10 classes that teach a range of theories, from humanistic, psychodynamic to existential, that may help explain how and why women struggle to look after their bodies, care for their own mental health or experience conflict when attempting pro-social behaviour.”