Inspirit are looking for people with lived experience to support the development of co-production in:
• NHS England and NHS Improvement (London Region)
Health and Justice Commissioning Team.
- Co-production of services in healthcare in London prisons, Immigration Removal Centres and Sexual Abuse Referral Centres. Call 020 3559 6567 or email for more information.
• London Borough of Haringey - Co-production and procurement.

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Inspirit deliver:
• A diploma in Health and Social Care level 3 - working with multiple disadvantage and reflective practice, accreditation for this is through our partner Bock Consultancy
• A 15 session extended group facilitation skills course
• Short courses accredited through London Open College Network for people engaged in user Involvement and co-production
• Training for service providers

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Service User Development

• Psychology and health programme for women in the justice system with Advance/Minerva across London
- Friday Night Alternative, a weekly alternative activity for people in recovery
- London Borough of Lewisham - Service User Involvement Strategy
- We also provide resources for a co-produced creative development group - FREESPACE

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