Our Mission

Our mission is to provide genuine opportunities for life improvement and enrichment for any person or community where substance use has been a problem. We see the complex relationship between drugs or alcohol and mental health, trauma, domestic violence, homelessness and offending and recognise that there are no quick fixes.

Our vision

Our vision is for realistic and meaningful alternatives to substance use and related issues. We want to see effective support for the different communities affected by drugs and alcohol, that enables sustainable change, through practical learning, personal growth and social engagement leading to long term employment or other rewarding occupations. We want to see improved services and aftercare with diverse user groups at the centre of this.

Our values

From our own lived experience we know the importance of installing hope, of not giving up on people, of inviting self-curiosity, of working together to amplify unheard voices. We recognise nuance, support courage and offer a secure base with the freedom to fail. Seeds of change can take time to germinate, and we will offer the conditions that allow for growth.

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